It’s been really weird adjusting to living with L’s family, but I’m starting to like it. His mom and dad check in a lot, something I’m really not used to. At first, I seriously couldn’t even handle that they ask me whether I’ve eaten fruits and vegetables today. Like, of course I’ve eaten fruits and vegetables today. Why wouldn’t I have?

…And then I realized, that’s just their way of showing they care. One thing my family was big on: independence. Once I was old enough, I’d basically cook for myself, take care of my portion of the housework, and take care of myself. So it was shocking to me to think that people have to ask if you’ve been doing those things all day while they were out. I’m adjusting, though.

I really appreciate them being there for me. I don’t really talk to my own parents, so it’s been really nice to have some parents there for me to ask how the job hunt is going, or how that interview was, even if they’re not my parents. Right now I’m trying to figure out how to ask them about signing up for health insurance and car insurance, which I have no idea how to do, but feel really weird asking about for some reason. Like, there’s this voice in my head telling me I should know this stuff already even though I have no reason at all to know it already.

Also, update: L’s mom literally just handed me a carrot while I was typing this. It’s one of the yellow ones. 

I’m grateful to have people there for me, even if in the strictest sense of the word, they aren’t all my family. I have my sister, my partner, and a bunch of people I had met all of four times before moving in with them a few weeks ago. But I have a safety net. I have a support network.




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